8 Amazing Tips To Use When Attending Bridal Shows!


  1. Create a temporary email address. Creating a new email address for your wedding only, will allow you to filter through your wedding planning content easier. Especially the information you have registered for at a bridal show. After your Big Day, you can cancel the email account that you have created without the worries of continuing to receive unwanted information from wedding professionals.
  2. Pre-Print self-adhesive address labels. Having pre-printed self-adhesive address labels will save you some time when visiting each wedding professional booth to sign up for giveaways, email marketing or mail listings. Make sure your label list your name, address, phone number, email address, and wedding date.
  3. Register online. Completing your registration online will save you sometime when you arrive to the bridal show. Also, most bridal shows give you a discount for purchasing your ticket early or a BOGO deal (Buy One Get One Free).
  4. Bring a major decision maker.  Because most couples are paying for the majority of their wedding expense it is very important to have your fiancé  attend a bridal show. This will give him the opportunity to see what vendors you may want to select to provide a service or product for your wedding. If your parents are planning to pay for the majority of your wedding expenses, it is always great to have your mother attend a show with you. She will enjoy this time with you, as well as give you her feedback on the wedding professionals you are considering  to hire for your Big Day.
  5. Important items you should bring. Make sure you bring a monthly or weekly planner with you, in the event you decide to book a consultation during the show with a wedding professional.  Also, bring a notepad to write down the names of any professionals that really spark your interest in hiring. Bring your check book and credit card, to make purchases or pay deposits for any service/product to ensure it is secured for your wedding day. Most wedding professionals offer great deals on the day of the bridal show, and you may come across an offer you cannot refuse.
  6. Walk down every aisle.  Bridal shows can become very overwhelming, but you want to make sure that you have a chance to see each wedding professional and what their company offers as well as represents. Gather any information from the wedding professionals that you think you may be interested in hiring for your Big Day to review during your leisure.
  7. Wear Comfortable attire and shoes. When attend a bridal show you will need to be comfortable. You will do a lot of walking and standing so make sure you are very comfortable, as you plan to be there for a couple of hours.
  8. Have Fun, Have Fun, Have Fun!

Until next time!!!

Best regards,

Sandy Bell, Owner of Imperial Events, Inc.

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