Tune In For Our Friday Spotlight Feature!

Amp'd Logo (with reflection, white background)

 We had the chance to get to know the team of Amp’d Entertainment a little better when chatted with them about who they are and how they serve their clients.  Check out what we found out about the amazing team of Amp’d Entertainment below.

Photo Credit: Kristen Pennington

Amp’d Entertainment is a creative DJ company run by music lovers, for music lovers.  Using classic DJ techniques like scratching, live remixing, mashups, and samples, they reinvent the boring and predictable wedding experience and turn it into unforgettable!  Amp’d also place a strong emphasis on making each event personal.  They believe that no two couples are alike, so no two weddings should sound the same either.  The Amp’d team can update and reinvent the classics while folding in the songs that are uniquely personal to you and your friends and family.  It’s like putting all of your favorite music in a blender!  You don’t become the most reviewed and highest reviewed DJ company in the market without doing something special.  But don’t take our word for it, check out their website for more info and see if Amp’d is right for you!  ampdentertainment.net